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If you're a CPA, accountant, bookkeeper, or any other financial professional...and you have a desire to advise business owners on having a growing and more profitable business...

...then you're in the right place.

We help people just like you be a stellar business advisor and CFO to small business owners.

This newsletter is written by Adam Lean & Jeff Prager.

We run two businesses. A business that trains financial professionals on how to be a CFO. You can check that out here. We also run an outsourced CFO firm.

We're passionate about helping financial professionals (like you!) provide a better business advisory/CFO service to small business owners.

Because, let's face it, business owners need help.

Most business owners got into business in the first place because they want (crave!) someone to help them have a growing and more profitable business.

The problem? There's no one to turn to that can give them the help they want.

They can't turn to their spouse. They can't turn to their employees.

Most business coaches have no clue how what they advise actually impacts cash flow.

Most accountants/bookkeepers are not getting paid to provide the help business owners need (they're paid to 'do the books' and file the taxes).

In short, business owners are stuck.

But...they actually want their accountant (you!) to help them. To guide them. To give them direction.

That's why we created this newsletter.

To assist you with providing a stellar business advisory and CFO service to your client.


Adam & Jeff

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Adam Lean is a former accountant turned 2-time entrepreneur who built, scaled, and sold multiple businesses. While helping other business owners he realized his passion was teaching and providing tools to business owners to help them make more money and have a peace-of-mind.

Jeff Prager has been a CPA, business owner, and entrepreneur for over 35 years. He's built multiple businesses into 7, 8, and 9-figure successes, including Ashworth Golf Clothing, and the second largest privately-owned homebuilder in Colorado. His passion is helping business owners understand their numbers so they know how to have a better business.

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